Rooftop screens – provide an aesthetic facade to your rooftop equipment. Waterproof, high quality and fast installation.

Mechanical Equipment Screen

Whether you call it a mechanical screen, equipment screen, sight screen, or just plain old rooftop screen, options in the past often included wood, metal studs or other components in their design that were not seismically sufficient, nor did they provide a simple, cost-effective, long term flashing solution to keep water from entering the building at the attachment points.

The design of equipment screens has evolved much since then, resulting in over-engineered, overpriced, and difficult to install systems.

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At Cascade Rooftop Screens, we recognize the need for an uncomplicated solution to this problem.  After many prototypes, consultations with commercial roofing contractors and general contractors, we have arrived at a design that is both economical and simple to install.  Our equipment screen frame only has 3 components, can ship fully assembled, and we are proud to say that it is easier to install than any other screen on the market to date!