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Screen Installation

Our rooftop screens are designed so that even the least experienced crew can install them. If you can snap a line and read a level, you meet all the requirements. Our customers buy our screen solutions because they are so quick and easy to install.

The process looks like this:

  • Layout your screen.
  • Our Simple-Frames attach to the roof structure with supplied fasteners.
  • Three bolts will completely assemble the frames.
  • A twist of a rod will adjust the frames for roof pitch.
  • The facing panels attach to the frames with self-drilling tek screws.

Feel free to check out our installation manual or give us a call to discuss your screening needs. We’re more than happy to discuss any aspect of your project.


No training or special certification is needed to install our products. Our screens are simple enough that anyone can install without any special tools or knowledge.

In addition, we’ll provide endless support to make sure you are in your comfort zone during installation. We provide full installation manuals, video conferencing, job-specific details, and more to help you complete your project without a hitch.


We often get calls about replacing old, leaky screens or about projects that have rooftop screens that are awkward to roof in. Our products are designed to receive a standard pipe boot straight from the roof’s manufacturer, making them the perfect solution by not only complying with all roof warranties but also supplying a maintenance-free roof penetration that will last as long as the roof itself.

Check out our frame details and photo gallery to get a better image of just how simple the penetrations really are.

Building Submittals

Making an installer’s job easier has always been our top priority. We offer services like shop drawings, superimposed photos, samples, engineering packages, and virtually anything else to help navigate a project through the design and approval process. Our experience working with building departments, building designers and various other agencies enables us to supply all the necessary resources to make an equipment screen truly a stream-lined experience.

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Warranties and Engineering

Simple-Frame equipment screens are backed by a full 25-year warranty against structural failure.

Contractor Resources

Drop us a line to discuss your project needs. If all you need is pricing, we provide fast quotes.

We offer job-specific engineering, warranties, specs, details and more that will resolve any trickiness or difficulties associated with your project.