Rooftop Equipment Screens


We manufacture rooftop screens that will simplify your project and enhance the look of your building. We deliver a complete package of frames, facing, trim, and attachment hardware.

Our products are designed to solve the common problems associated with installing mechanical screens on a variety of rooflines. Our Simple-Frame screens are made to attach directly to any roof structure type, are easy to roof in, and adhere to all roof warranties.

We can adapt the screen’s attachment method and scale the screen up in size without compromising the natural benefits to fit individual projects and satisfy the needs of building owners and contractors.

Assembly & Installation

The simple, prefabricated design of our equipment screens give our customers many advantages, including reduced installation labor and ensuring that the screen is installed correctly without a hitch. Quick assembly and flexible roof slope adjustments enable an installation that is hassle free every time.

We prioritize simplifying the installation process. Our Simple-Frames ship mostly assembled, ensuring a quick and easy install.

Our Screens attach to:

  • Wood, Steel, or Concrete Structures
  • Flat and Pitched Roofs
  • Any Roof including PVC, TPO, EPDM, or Built Up Asphalt Roof

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Panel Styles

flat panel equipment screen

Flat Panel

Our flat panel adds a flush wall look, and is often used for buildings that require a more discrete screen.
7.2 ribbed

7.2 Ribbed

A structural panel commonly installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation, adding a clean compliment to the building.

standing seam equipment screen brandywine color

Standing Seam

Different seam spacing options are available, giving flexibility on the desired design.

Box Louvers

This option can reduce wind loads on the screen while adding a unique look to the building.



Compliment stucco walls or just give your screen a textured appearance.

Don’t see what you need here? We can provide any panel design style you are looking for.

Illustration of roof pitch adjustment

Planning & Submittals

Our job-specific engineering services include stamped calculations, frame and connection details, roof framing plans and screen layouts for all 50 states.

Design & Engineering Services

schematic drawing

Free Design Assistance

From conceptual ideas and pointers to designing your entire screen project. The amount we help is up to you, but it’s all free and tailored to your project!
specialty screens

Facing Panels and Colors

From standard factory finishes to custom panels, it’s all about getting the right product for your project and making your building look great!

schematic drawing

Job Specific Specs, CAD, and Details

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every project. We’ve got the resources that can drop directly into your plans.

rooftop screen frame

Warranties and Engineering

A wet stamp from our engineer and a full 25 year warranty means less work and worry for you.


Simple-Frame equipment screens are backed by a full 25-year warranty against structural failure.