Attachment Method

Our goal with all projects we execute is to eliminate the need for additional blocking by having our rooftop frames attach directly to the roof framing. We accomplish this 95% of the time by adjusting the length of our Simple-Frames so each foot lands directly on top of the purlins.

By utilizing fundamentally basic anchoring methods (such as SDS screws, self-drilling Tek screws, and concrete wedge bolts) we ensure a simple and secure connection to the structure. Our base-plates come prefabricated with holes ready to receive the appropriate fastener.


Cascade’s equipment screens are fast and easy to install. Other screen systems often require extremely heavy steel members, onsite welding, many screws and little parts to complete installation. In contrast, our screen frames only require three bolts to completely assemble, even on complicated jobs. They’re designed to fully adjust to any roof pitch after assembly making them adaptable to any project.

Check out our installation manual to see just how simple it is.


Our Simple-Frame screen system was designed by roofers with roofing in mind. We stand firm in our philosophy that a roofing detail should last as long as the roof, and installation should not cost you a fortune.

By employing a basic round-and-straight-down design for the legs, our screen frames simply use the roof manufacturer’s standard pipe flashing detail. This eliminates the requirement for pitch pockets, sleepers or other awkward roofing details which need to be serviced in just a few short years.



It’s our priority to make sure your screen projects go smooth every time. Along with our installation manuals and details, we provide free, unlimited support for every project from start to finish. Just give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the installation process step by step. You can also ask us for clarification on product or design details. We are happy to help.