Palo Alto, CA Perforated Screen

A huge thanks to Alliance Roofing for installing our equipment screen system at 3350 West Bayshore Road in Palo Alto, California! This screen was twelve feet tall with a 7.2 horizontal perforated panel.

Palo Alto California Perforated Equipment Screen
Capsheet Roof Mounted Screen
perforated roof equipment screen on top of building

The amount of equipment on this roof had the roof at it’s limits structurally. Our team worked closely with the architect and engineers to come up with a solution that was both aesthetic and would produce a low enough load that the roof structure was able to bare it. This included helping them choose the correct perforation pattern, making sure there were strategic gaps in the screen to reduce the overall weight, and providing initial calcs that would be used to test the structure. Many onsite mockups and samples later, the right screen was installed!

The frames were installed on a wood deck with a capsheet roof. Alliance three-coursed the posts to make watertight.