Barrel Roof Equipment Screen

These 7.2 vertical panels installed on this barrel roof in Santa Ana, CA required a unique design to ensure that the facing was level. This was easily accomplished using our Simple Frame system.


cascade rooftop screens simple frame bases on barrel rooftop in santa ana california
cascade rooftop screen simple frame base with a hinge foot on a barrel rooftop

Our roof equipment screening system can easily be adjusted to fit any roof slope because of its flexible design. With a deck that has a significant pitch like this one, we can manufacture our Simple Frames with a hinge foot to compensate for variable elevation. The foot simply connects to the frame with one bolt.


Cascade’s Simple Frames System is designed to fully adjust the angle and height of the screen onsite as well. With a cut along the panel top and a twist of the angle rod, the screen ridge becomes level and the facing plumb.

barrel roof building in santa ana california before equipment screens were installed
rooftop screens installed on a barrel roof in santa ana california

For this project, a hinge foot and some minor adjustments at the jobsite were all that were needed to compensate for a convex surface. After we planned and engineered this project, ADCO did an excellent job installing it. The result was a level facing that covered the mechanical rooftop units despite a significant slope.

Special thanks to ADCO for installing our rooftop screens.